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#R3SET is a member-owned media network for forward-thinking individuals and organizations taking their future into their own hands.

Why #R3SET Media

Traditional media accepts advertising dollars from corporations with any value system. We’re different. Team #R3SET

Historically, media has shaped our perspective on what we believe about our world and ourselves.

Additionally, media’s power to inspire a community to change is unmatched. Traditional media accepts advertising dollars from corporations with any value system. We’re different. Because we are member-owned and community-driven, we curate meaningful content, and offer advertising exclusively to companies that align with your values and beliefs, allowing a deeper more interactive experience for both our community and our advertising partners.

#R3SET Media Experiences

Digital Magazine

Your Stories, Your Magazine.

#R3SET places the power of media in your hands by crowdsourcing your thought-provoking stories, discussions and positive lifestyle changes.

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Print Magazine

Social and Community Progress. Artfully Printed.

#R3SET Magazine is a quarterly publication highlighting the most engaging and impactful stories from our digital platform. Each issue will be a signature edition packed with stories to inspire and empower each other.

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Our Revolution Will Be Televised.

#R3SET TV features interviews with community leaders, short-form documentaries covering disruptive artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations making our world better, and behind the scenes looks at Team #R3SET.

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