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#R3SET is a member-owned media network for forward-thinking individuals and organizations taking their future into their own hands.

Why #R3SET Events

#R3SET Events are where the magazine comes alive.Team #R3SET

#R3SET Events are where the magazine comes alive. allowing our members and partner to connect, share ideas, network and celebrate our collective success. #R3Set events are also an essential way we connect our members to interface with new products, live art, musical performances, fashion, new technology and more…

#R3SET Event Experiences


Festival of Universal Equality and Human Rights

EQUAROX unifies our communities through a vision of universal equality and social justice.

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    Live Music

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    Vendor Table Opportunties

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    Round Table Discussions

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Magazine Launch Parties

Experience Your Hard Work

Celebrate the people and organizations taking action to create stronger local and global communities.

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    Featured Interviews

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    Exclusive Networking

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    Special Promotions

#R3SET Week

Fully Immersive. R3volutionary Change.

#R3SET Week is a five day event bringing media, technology, education, art, and music together for one unforgettable experience.

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    Live Stream

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    Global Reach

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    Members-Only Discounts

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